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New parking advice needed

Written by: Bath School of Motoring


There is concern that some advice given in the Highway Code (HC) may no longer be appropriate for today's conditions.  This relates to parking near junction.  HC editions from 2015 back to the 1990's state "do not stop or park within 10 metres of a junction".  An earlier HC (1978) gave 15 yards; before that, distance was unspecified - merely "do not park at or near a junction".

Consider a major/minor junction.  If vehicles conform to the rule thay may park on the minor road approach as near as 10 metres from the juncction and the following may occur - left - turners from the main road into the minor may either find themselves confronted immediately by a parked vehicle on their side of the road, or, possibly worse, by a vehicle approaching them on the wrong side of the road which has been forced to overtake a parked vehicle blocking their approach to the junction.

Some decades ago, when this parking rule was introduced, vehicles were much less stable than modern ones and it was normal to make 90 degree turns with limited visibility into side roads much slower that the speed some drivers choose nowadays.  Should the DfT reconsider this advice so as to keep junctions clearere for a greater distance than 10 metres?