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Fail to Start

Written by: Bath School of Motoring


Examiners lose nearly the equivalent of two years of test time, thanks to wrong documents or unsuitable cars according to government figures.  

These are the latest figures for 2014/2015 to come from the DVSA - 662 days of driver examiner time were wasted.  In addition, these actions have cost candidates a totoal of £287,308 and put back dates for the next available test for other candidates.  The figures were revealed in response to criticisms over the changes to DVSA website's test information and booking offering.  Changes were in response to the differing ways candidiates use the website, including 62% using mobile phones compared with 28.5% just three years ago.

Writing on the DVSA Dispatch blog, head of operations for driver testing said "This highlighted that some candidates were not clear on what documents they needed to bring or type of vehicle they could use on test.  This showed that there was a need to update the information on"