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Written by: Bath School of Motoring


A police official has warned unsuspecting motorists face being charged with offences they didn't commit as a result of car-cloning criminals.

Criminal gangs are cloning thousands of number plates and racking up fines and charges while using the cloned plates.  Cases range from filling cars with fuel and driving off without paying, speeding fines or congestion charges, to more serious offence such as ram raids.

West Midlands Police and Crime commissioner called for car manufactureers to play a part in helping to protect innocent motorists by making it harder for criminals to clone number plates.  He said it was "ludicrous" number plates are still so easily removed.  He also acknowledged that government cuts played a part in the rise of cases, as this has resulted in fewer police officers, especially on car patrol.

If you are accused of offences you haven't committed and are concerned that your number plate might have been cloned, you should contact the organisation issuing the fines or penalty points and explain your situation, and contact both the police and Drivers and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) and inform them you think your number plate has been cloned, providing all of the information you can.