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Automatic Lessons

Learning to drive with automatic gears is easier due to there only being two pedals, an accelerator & a brake. This alleviates the possible worries about coordinating the clutch pedal and gear lever when making gear changes as well as the fears of possibly stalling the engine.

All this makes the skill of manoeuvring the vehicle slowly much easier than a manual as well as giving the driver more time to concentrate on the road and traffic conditions, which makes for a less stressful drive.

Our Automatic Instructors are very experienced and patient which make them ideal for teaching nervous students of all ages and abilities.

Area’s covered

  • We offer automatic driving lessons outside our normal area of coverage due to demand. However a surcharge may be required.
  • For more information contact us to discuss your individual needs.


After an initial discussion and possibly an assessment your Instructor will advise on the best way forward taking into account your individual circumstances.


Please ask for more details.

Conversion course

In these times of very busy roads & congestion many people choose to drive an Automatic for ease & comfort. Alas year after year you read in newspapers reports about drivers who after switching to an automatic get caught out due to time spent driving a manual and a poor understanding of simple safety techniques. Just a short preparatory session will avoid this risk.

Please book your lessons in plenty of time as usually there is a waiting list.

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