Bath School of Motoring and Lanham's Driving School Limited

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Bath School of Motoring and Lanham's Driving School Ltd

Successfully delivering Driver Training since 1963

Refresher Driving Courses

If you have not driven much for some time or lost your confidence then we recommend a refresher course.

You can take as little or as many lessons as you like. We usually recommend a 6-hour course.

If you passed your test some time ago and did very little driving then you will probably need more time.

There are and have been a lot of changes on our roads today.

Our experienced instructors will soon get you up to speed, building your confidence and skills so that you can cope with the busy roads of today.

Cost for lessons is our normal hourly rate we do not give any discounts at all for refreshers.
Lessons can be block booked singularly or 2-hour sessions but will need advanced payment.